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the employee experience design podcast

The EXperience Lounge Podcast: a weekly podcast, dedicated to EX design, the future of work & digital HR


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Employee Experience Podcast Host, Sasha Wight

Sasha Wight

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Founder of Asia's first EX design agency and passionate about digital employee experience and people transformation. Over 10+ years in EX & HR Transformation roles with the wrinkles to prove it. Brit based in Singapore, passionate about dogs, wine and running - but never together.  

Check out my LinkedIn for the details!

Employee Experience Podcast Host - Laura Cole

Laura Cole

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Employee Experience and HR Transformation Leader with over 12+ years of experience in HR digital transformation, EX and operational HR. Fellow Brit based in Singapore for the last 4 years, and prior to that 5 years in Hong Kong. Mum to a toddler son with boundless energy, an avid reader & F45 goer who likes a glass of prosecco (or two!) on the weekend.

Check out my LinkedIn for the details!

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